Adriana Roy Talks ‘Big Top Sundays’ Big Return To The Castro

By Reid Cammack | Cover photo by Justin Barrett

Things are slowly starting to get back to normal and that means we’re finally able to watch some live drag entertainment at some of our favorite queer spots.

One of the latest events to relaunch comes from the folks over at Beaux. Their iconic Big Top Sundays show has spawned “Big Top: Cirque de Beaux,” a Sunday brunch show featuring a diverse lineup of your favorite Bay Area performers.

To celebrate the big return of Big Top, we’re catching up with Beaux’s resident hostess Adriana Roy. The Castro icon talks to us about what new music they’re excited to perform, the challenges of an outside brunch show, and the importance of casting a “diverse, welcoming, open-minded show.”

Cammack: How has your quarantine life been going?
Roy: Quarantine had its ups and downs for me. On one hand, all I wanted to do was see people, be back to work, and return back to “normal” life, but it also was a good chance to take a step back, prioritize what’s important, and regroup. Since returning back to work, it’s been amazing to see everyone and see how quickly everyone has adapted to our new world.

“Big Top: Cirque De Beaux” launched last month with you returning to the Sunday party as the hostess. What’s it been like performing for a live crowd and being with the Beaux crew again?
It’s been a long 7 months or so without performing and I missed it so so much! I’m so happy to be back, live in person, and be back with my family at Beaux!


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Have there been any challenges to performing in an outside, socially distanced setting?
Our show now is a whole new experience for us. We’ve gone from a late-night, high production show to an outdoor brunch show without all the bells and whistles. There are the obvious challenges of making sure we’re within Covid guidelines, but I feel we’re doing what we can to bring back some light to the Castro in the safest way possible.

What can guests expect from the new “Big Top: Cirque De Beaux” brunch show?
You can expect to be entertained from beginning to end with some of your fave entertainers and some great new talent to our stage. My goal is to give people a chance to escape from the reality of 2020 for at least the hour or two they’re with us.


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Is there any music that came out during quarantine that you’re excited to perform?
So much! Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga’s new albums were staples for me during quarantine so I’m excited to bring those to the stage.

“Cirque De Beaux” features a revolving cast of drag queens, kings, non-binary, & trans performers. Can you tell us a little bit about the significance of hosting and casting a show that features a such wide array of performers?
I think it’s so important now more than ever. As a trans woman, I find it important to show people that drag is not so linear. I hope to expand our roster even more so this year and continue to bring a diverse, welcoming, open-minded show to the Castro.

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