Naked Sword – Scared Stiff!

NakedSword Gives You A Frightful Woody with Scared Stiff on Halloween

By BeBe Sweetbriar |

nsv046_scaredstiff_dvd_clean_cover_smI am sure you have watched a horror film that has scared the piss out of you, so to speak, but have you ever watched a horror film that has scared you out of your pants? Well, the latest film produced by ‘the Netflix of gay porn’ as it was coined by the SF Chronicle; NakedSword is aiming to have you step right out of those trousers while watching Scared Stiff Starring Falcon exclusive Ryan Rose, Colby Keller, Seth Santoro, Jack Hunter, Wesley Woods and Tom Faulk. Written by the legendary drag queen of parody Jackie Beat, directed by gay porn icon Chi Chi Larue, and filmed by the gay porn mama herself mr. Pam, Scared Stiff has been waiting 13 years to be the sexy howl of a haunting night. “Jackie wrote the script 13 years ago when I first started my production company,” explains Larue. “We never ended up doing it because mixing porn and camp seemed to go out (of style), but it is so relevant and timely right now… this is a rarity.” Or maybe, just maybe there just needed to be the right alignment of circumstances to pull this sort of porn film off. We have Jackie Beat ‘s first porn script to celebrate. We have Chi Chi Larue and mr. Pam’s first porn film project together. We have the return of gay porn star Seth Santoro. And, we have the diverse library of gay porn offerings by NakedSword to house it. Scared Stiff, though set in 1985, is rearing its big ol’ porn horror head right when it’s supposed to on Halloween 2016. I had the opportunity to speak with the film’s production principles, Jackie, Chi Chi and mr. Pam about Scared Stiff, and trust, the thought of speaking to these three icons was scary in and of itself.

The Scared Stiff Script

BeBe Sweetbriar: Thirteen years is a long time for any film script to sit around to see production. How did Scared Stiff finally come about now?

Pam: The first time it was handed to me by Tim Valenti (CEO of NakedSword), he was going into a meeting and I was heading into the bathroom. He handed it to me without saying anything. I’m peeing and reading it, and I’m saying to myself this is fun. I didn’t find out the 13-year story about the script until later. I told Tim, “yes, I’m on it. Let’s do it!” And, Tim is always into doing something new and unique, and stirring shit up in the industry.

Chi Chi Larue: (No one) is making projects like this. It’s perfect to do this kind of movie. Jackie wrote specific characters that were fun to build on. And, it’s clever.

Jackie Beat: I didn’t have any topical jokes in it at the time I originally wrote it, but I thought it would be funny to… well, there’s a part where the guys say Bruce Jenner is really a woman. And, when the phone goes dead, one of the guys says his dad says ‘one day we’ll have a tiny phone in our pocket’ and another replies ‘yeah, and Cher will win an Oscar.’

BeBe:  There is an old 40s or 50s comedy film with the same title. How did you choose the film’s title?

Jackie Beat: Well, I was just thinking if we’re doing an 80s-horror movie porn parody, every time the guys see the scary Michael Myers-type guy they get a boner.

The Cast, Shoot and Release

BeBe: Many of the porn films on have comprehensive storylines along with the sex which requires the porn models to be able to act. Scared Stiff definitely required good characterization from its porn stars.

Pam: We were particular in casting, and the guys were real dedicated to the script. They were invested in not only the hot sex, but the whole project.

Chi Chi Larue: This cast is perfect. I know people are going to say ‘acting in porn?’ but, everyone’s acting is so good. They really took these characters seriously. We shot this film in 48 degree weather in Russian River. It was so fucking cold. These boys were committed. I had never worked with Falcon’s top model Ryan Rose before. He is the ring leader in the film. Seth Santoro plays the nerdy prep. He is so good. He built his body up while he was away from porn and looks like a million dollars. I found Tom Faulk on Twitter. He just popped into my (Twitter feed) which I took as the Porn Goddess saying use this kid. He had this long David Cassidy (Partridge Family 70s TV show) hair that he was about to cut, but I said ‘noooo, just shoot this one movie for me!’ He was great. Colby Keller is the Ranger. He’s perfect because if you told Colby he had to sleep in the woods he could do it on a branch in a tree. He’s a very earthy kind of guy.

Pam: I love Ryan Rose. He’s one of my favorite people to work with. He is so sexy. He’s been with Falcon for about 4 years and he takes the Falcon look/brand to the extreme in this film.

pileboys_sc17_nsv046_858a6355Jackie Beat:  I only suggested one guy to Chi Chi to cast, Jack Hunter. What’s so funny is the thing I like most about Jack is his dark hair and blue eyes, and she took that away!

Chi Chi Larue:  I wanted Jack’s punk rocker character to look like Billy Idol and Jack bleached his hair for the look. Tim (Valenti) was dead set that the costumes were well thought out and perfect for authenticity.

Pam: Scared Stiff is a cross between a comedy, a horror, and a porn movie. It is open to so many different interpretations how it could be shot and produced. One of the things I love about NakedSword is that we stream so many different types of content. We don’t have to hold to a particular look. The script is a bit short and could have been shot simply, but I wanted to push it because we had the most amazing characters. Chi Chi and our on set stylist Johnny Rocket were so great with the styling. Everyone looks exactly their part.

BeBe:  How timely is it that this horror gay porn film is shot just in time for Halloween. The DVD is set for a Halloween release October 31 with 4 episodes to be streamed online. Do you always shoot a porn film with breaking out scenes to stream in mind?

Pam: We generally keep in mind we will release (a film) episodically. And, we try and release the episodes with some kind of cliffhanger so you’ll want to come back and watch the next one.

Chi Chi Larue:  The four scenes from Scared Stiff that will be broken off to stream are Nighttime Truck Fuck, Yes Sir, Ranger Steve, Gettin’ Wood, and Killer Orgy.

BeBe: Jackie, you and Calpernia Addams wrote and performed the theme song for Scared Stiff which will be turned into a music video. Will the porn stars be lip syncing to the song in the video?

Jackie Beat:  We used footage from the film for the music video. And when I say footage, I mean when you add up all the dick you have quite a few feet!











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OCTOBER 31ST, 2016