Matthew Camp is a Nasty Pig


By Steven Boyce

Nasty Pig has long been a favorite among kinksters and fashion-forward individuals.   Known for its daring, edgy and provocative designs, the brand is celebrating thirty years of pushing boundaries with its range of sleek and stylish apparel that blends streetwear with a touch of fetish-inspired flair. There are form-fitting tanks and tees, eye-catching shorts and swimwear, and caps, socks, and bags, all featuring the brand’s iconic logo and bold aesthetic.

Its spring/summer campaign, titled XXX (a clever nod to porn and the roman numeral thirty), is out now.  It is inspired by contact sports and frat house fantasies and features Matthew Camp, an LGBTQ+ and sex positivity activist who began his career as a go-go dancer in New York City bars.  Like the brand, Camp is unapologetic in his desire to stand out from the crowd.  He’s out to make a statement and battle it out in his Nasty Pig gear.

Do clothes make the man or is it the man that makes the clothes?  

Matthew Camp:  Wow, great question. I think with the right attitude, anyone can sell anything.  It’s all about confidence and creativity for me.

How did you learn to turn a look?

Matthew Camp:  I have always been a style maverick. When I was young my mom would let me pick out fabric and then she would make little outfits for me to wear to church.  You better believe my four-year-old self rocked the pew in his pastel periwinkle suit.

What are your favorite pieces in Nasty Pig’s spring collection?

Matthew Camp:  The singlets are great. I get a lot of requests for singlets from the guys on Onlyfans and Nasty Pig’s new color wave is so collegiate for me.  They really put me in a good, nostalgic place.  Plus, they fit incredibly well.

How were you first introduced to the brand?

Matthew Camp:  I was a gogo dancer and promoter in New York for a long time and working in nightlife, it’s pretty impossible to miss Nasty Pig.  The brand is pretty much all over the sexiest places.

Thoughts on Nasty Pig celebrating its 30th anniversary?

Matthew Camp:  Nasty Pig has been crushing business in the fetish field before kink was a clearly defined market. The brand stems from an entrepreneurial, free-thinking state of mind, and you can see that reflected back in the people that wear it.    

Is that why you wanted to be part of the campaign?

Matthew Camp:  David (Lauterstein, the co-founder and CEO of Nasty Pig) asked me to be a part of their launch and, of course, I had to say yes. I have a long history with the brand.  Early in my career, I worked for Nasty Pig as a pattern drafter and model, and their promotion helped me to define myself as an influencer. I will always be thankful to David and Fred (Kearney, co-founder of Nasty Pig) for embracing me as a model and also as a creative mind.  They are my friends and mentors and I’m proud to see that their brand remains strong.

What is one thing fans would be surprised to learn about Matthew Camp?

Matthew Camp:  I think people would be surprised to find out that I’m rather shy and that I have pet chickens.

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