AsiaSF Turns 25


Internationally Acclaimed San Francisco Legacy Business Commemorates 25 Years

Words by David Perry

Photos courtesy of AsiaSF

The storied San Francisco dinner theatre and cabaret featuring the world-famous transgender “Ladies of AsiaSF,” celebrates a quarter century of success with four nights of celebration at their newly remodeled and retrofitted iconic venue: 201 9th Street in the SoMa District of San Francisco: April 13, 14, 15 & 16, 2023. The actual 25th anniversary of AsiaSF’s first day open is April 17.

The celebratory ‘weekend’ begins on Thursday, April 13 when AsiaSF will pull out all the stops with a spectacular Silver Anniversary show, featuring the best of AsiaSF’s last 25 years. The 

festive Anniversary Celebration will continue on Friday, April 14 and Saturday, April 15. On Sunday April 16 a private, by invitation only,  AsiaSF’s “Friends and Family” evening will take place.

“We’re ready for our next quarter century,” said Larry Hashbarger, Founder and CEO of AsiaSF. “Over 25 years, hundreds of thousands of people have become part of the ‘AsiaSF Family’ as we have entertained, enthralled, educated and enlightened people about the 

transgender experience and human diversity and all while enjoying a spectacular show, 

delicious food and signature cocktails.”

In 1998, a small business that celebrates diversity and multiculturalism was born: AsiaSF. Founded by Hashbarger and Skip Young, the world-famous restaurant, cabaret and nightclub quickly became an iconic entertainment landmark.

“AsiaSF has been a visionary pioneer in supporting the transgender community through 

empowerment by creating a safe space and unique employment opportunities that showcase our beautiful transgender stars, the Ladies of AsiaSF, said AsiaSF President/COO, Aaron Nelson. “The Ladies of AsiaSF, our star performers make you laugh, make you blush, make you go ‘WOW!’ and make you feel like a million bucks.”

Under the direction of show director and choreographer, Ronnie Reddick, guests will delight in choreographed dance routines and lip sync numbers with beautiful costumes, state of the art sound and lights, which will electrify AsiaSF’s dramatic runway stage. 

“This sisterhood of diverse performers has mastered the art of celebrating themselves,” said Young. By being their own authentic, welcoming selves, the Ladies of AsiaSF provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere that has made AsiaSF ‘Celebration Central’.

With Vegas commercial style choreography by Reddick and award-winning Cal-Asian cuisine, AsiaSF is a unique interactive, cabaret and dinner entertainment experience. From the moment one enters, the internationally acclaimed “Ladies of AsiaSF” will entertain and enlighten you, complete with stand-out-performances featuring original creations by Julian Mendez Couture and Prime Kreations of Los Angeles who has designed for Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner and Megan Thee Stallion.

Voted “One of the Top 100 Hottest Restaurants in America” and “Best Ambiance” by 

Opentable, AsiaSF had hosted over 1 million patrons since it opened its doors in 1998.  Then: COVID and the need for a seismic retrofit. During the last year and a half, the team at AsiaSF took the forced sabbatical to regroup, reform and undergo a Renaissance that will take the 

legendary San Francisco venue into the Roaring ‘20s.

“AsiaSF is a complete entertainment and food and cocktail experience,” says Hashbarger, the creator/producer of Passport — America’s premier fashion show and HIV/AIDS fundraiser — during his three and a half decades as Director of Special Productions for Macy’s. “Our beautiful and talented transgender cast bring our guests into their world from the first second they enter the space. They serve drinks. They serve food. They dish up a song and dance experience that will have you applauding-‘til-your-hands-are-sore and is literally transformative. I couldn’t be prouder of these inspiring women.”

“One of our missions of AsiaSF is to create a trans-positive environment that educates and raises awareness about living your truth and being your authentic self,” Hashbarger sums up, “while at the same time providing our guests with a ‘time of your life’ experience.” 

All prices are inclusive of dinner and the shows, with cocktails priced separately. 

For individual reservations, groups and special events go to or call (415) 255-2742.