Two Kings Uninhibited: Getting to Know the Men Behind Rick and The Griffopotamus

By Connor Davenport

Real-life couple Rick and Griff Twombley-King make quite a pair on their popular social networking page, Rick and The Griffopotamus. With over 700 thousand followers on multiple platforms, the page strives to destigmatize gay sex by pushing the envelope with finely crafted, visually stimulating, evocative images featuring the fab duo.

Rick grew up in the cornfields of Nebraska. Griff is from Simpsonville, South Carolina, a small country town in the suburbs of Greenville. They met at a gym in Atlanta when Rick applied to be a personal trainer at the club Griff managed.

Both share an obvious passion for fitness, sex, and perky, muscle booties, but more goes into the making of their successful partnership. Key ingredients include communication, respect, honesty, loyalty, and understanding that while they and their relationship are not perfect, the guys are perfect for one another. “We know, without a doubt, that we can and will face any obstacle that comes our way as a team and always come out the other side stronger as a couple and as individuals,” Rick says.

This past summer, they introduced their merchandise store, (a clever combining of their last names). Items up for sale include pajama onesies, calendars, erotic playing cards, a coffee table book, and their line of phallic sex toys molded from the real things. We spoke with them from their home in Atlanta.

Who is the flower and who is the gardener in your relationship?
Griff: Those roles can switch in any given situation, but in general Rick is much more of a caretaker and I’m more of the carefree one. We like to say Rick is the kite string, and I’m the kite.

One without the other doesn’t work.
Griff: Exactly!

Who is the least patient?
Griff: Rick. His biggest pet peeve that can make him see red is hypocrisy.

When in the car, who is usually at the wheel?
Griff: We bought a Jeep recently, something I’ve always wanted. It’s my baby, so I drive it everywhere.
Rick: Even though of the two of us, he’s the worst driver. And even worse at parking.

Who is the first to say I’m sorry?
Rick: I am. When I’m wrong, especially, but also if I feel like an apology will de-escalate a situation and bring us back to a level where we can communicate effectively.

Griff, what was the most recent gift you received from Rick?
Griff: I guess, technically, our new house? By coincidence, we closed on the house on the fourth anniversary of when Rick proposed.

Rick, same question.
Rick: Griff went to gas up the Jeep earlier today and came back with a bag of Haribo Twin Snakes, my favorite gummy candy, just because he knows I like them.

Who is most likely to give a buck to a homeless person on the street?
Griff: Both of us, except we never carry cash, so neither of us?

Griff, reveal one thing about Rick that only you know.
Griff: Rick can seem very intimidating or cold, but that’s because he’s actually an ambivert and it takes a minute for him to get comfortable and warm up in a social environment. Once you get passed his walls, he’s actually one of the kindest, most generous and loyal people ever.

Rick, one thing about Griff?
Rick: He knows literally everything there is to know about Astro physics, the universe, and quantum theory. Also, he could build a car from scratch.

Who is the hornier of the pair?
Rick: It’s a tie. I’m a little more aggressive about it though.

Griff, what is your favorite item from Two Kings Unlimited?
Griff: The erotic playing card set. We’ve been developing it for so long and they really are great little pieces of art, and perfect for strip poker!

Rick, your favorite?
Rick: I’m a fan of our dildo replicas. They turned out really well, super high quality, and the reviews from people who’ve had the real things say they feel identical.

Is that true, Griff? Is the Rick dildo as good as the real thing?
Griff: 100%. I literally can’t tell the difference. Just like the real thing, it makes me cum buckets in seconds.

Whose dildo is more popular?
Rick: Again, it’s a tie. Although our double penetration model, with both molded together in one unit, is the one that sells out the fastest. Apparently, there are more brave bottoms out there than we realized!

Rick, are there any other parts of Griff that you believe should be molded and sold on Two Kings Unlimited?
Rick: His sparkling, effervescent and infectious… personality.

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