Meet the DJ: Ben Bakson

DJ Ben Bakson was born and grew up in South Germany. His half German and half Slovenian roots are both clearly visible in his character. The DJ prides himself in being a perfectionist and extremely well organized, while still being able to enjoy life to the fullest. His motto “you only live once” is not only a phrase for him; it is the Leitmotiv of his life.

Bakson has been asked once to describe himself in 5 sentences. The description absolutely nails him as a person:

True FRIENDS are the foundation I am standing on

TRAVELLING is the air I am breathing

Hard TRAINING is my source of power

MUSIC is my key to think in new dimensions

LOVE is my weakness that makes me feel alive

After finishing his economic studies in Berlin, he worked for several international companies in marketing & sales all over Germany, until he finally fell in love with Zurich in Switzerland, where he’s lived since 2013.

Music has always been a big part of his journey. His taste in music evolved more and more as he started clubbing in his early twenties. So in 2016 he decided to start creating music, instead of only listening to it, and became a professional DJ.

The ancient Greek god Dionysos is the god of wine, celebration and ecstasy; his name was also “Bakkus.” So finally DJ Ben Bakson had been born.

His music style is rather commercial with hard and energetic beats. Vocals are very important for him, as he believes that they are the soul of each song and only they can create strong emotions. Creating and transmitting this great energy on the dancefloor and lead the crowd to ecstasy is his mission.

Bakson is about to make his San Francisco debut for this year’s Heat Veteran’s Ball. The DJ will be heating up The Great Northern with DJ Nina Flowers this upcoming Sunday. Get more info for the party and tickets at

Get to know Bakson more at and on Instagram @ben_bakson.