Juanita MORE! does cannabis

PAX, Pride and political activism.

by: ANNI

“It’s that time of year when we gay, lesbian, trans, queer, and intersex people get to skip the lines – or, in my case, create them. No questions asked, no explanations offered. Really, though, Pride is a celebration of individuality and a reminder of the importance of community.”

Juanita More, March 17, 2007

For decades Juanita MORE! – hostess, DJ, chef, philanthropist, SF icon (“Am I really an icon? I thought I was a dog walker that occasionally wore a dress.”) – has been serving, entertaining, and creating community. Her events during Pride month are no different – they’re the invites you want. Last year she donated $80,000 to trans youth, and this year she’s turning her focus to cannabis.

While she cheekily declares that cannabis is “one of my first loves. Never scorned”, legalization, expungement and accessibility are issues she cares deeply for: “I would like to see everyone in this country be cleared of all cannabis convictions. I would like for us to talk about access to cannabis not just as an issue of geography and legality, but as an issue of affordability.”

Inspired by the political activism of the father of medical cannabis, Dennis Peron, Juanita is partnering with local cannabis vaporizer brand PAX Labs to help in their mission to establish cannabis as a force for good.

Together they’re celebrating those who have supported the LGBTQ+ community through cannabis, like Dennis and the dispensary SPARC (one of Juanita’s famous murals is outside their newest location), and they’re encouraging everyone to be a force for good through events like Juanita’s Pride party, plus she’ll be at The Apothecarium Castro with PAX’s Pride float the day before the parade. Be like Juanita and support PAX and their brand partners who are both donating to San Francisco’s very own GLBT Historical Society.

*This feature sponsored by PAX