Cecil Russell’s POSE Winter Party Official Contest Rules!

The Pose Winter Runway Competition was inspired by a respect and admiration for the hit television program of similar name, but in fact is in no way a reproduction of a ball as presented on the show and is an“only-in-San-Francisco” inclusive runway competition welcoming to all.    All categories and rules were created by the producers of this event with hope to embrace the spirit of diversity and inclusiveness while also celebrating the unique creativity that is special to the San Francisco LGBT nightlife community.

Below are the aspects by which everyone walking in the runway show will be scored by the judges.  If you haven’t already pre-arranged to walk and you wish to do so in one of these categories, please contact cecil@ immediately!

Tickets to this event are still available at a discounted pre-sale rate at www.glosspresents.com 

Ownership of Category 0-10 points

How well does the contestent’s presentation fit the description of the category?

Poise and confidence 0-10 points

Coordination, proficiency in movement whether it be simply walking or dancing. 

Creativity 0-10 points

How well is the contestant thinking outside the box?  Are you seeing something new and exciting?

Stage Presence 0-10 points

How well does the contestant connect with the audience?  Consider facial expressions, overall energy inside and out.

Audience Reaction 0-10 points

How loud is the audience?

TOTAL SCORES are between 0-50, with a perfect score of 50


Butch Queen Realness

Is a masculine gay gay. Generally well-manicured, in exceptional shape, etc.

Think the “Brawny Guy”. 

Fiercest Twink Face

Appearing as young, hairless, slim to average/toned build, and generally pretty whether by the use of makeup or naturally.  Entrants may be of any age as long as they are achieving this overall look and aura.

Leather Daddy Sex Siren

Leather AND Fetish. Reflecting the traditional San Francisco Leather Scene and Style.  Think harnesses, leather caps, etc.  Non-leather fetish wear is approved for equal consideration in category (rubber, latex, military/uniforms).

Ice Queen Drag Realness

“The Queen of the Pose Winter Runway”.  The fiercest drag presentation, be it drag king-queen-or other. 

Pre-sale tickets are still available for discount at www.glosspresents.com