SF gets ‘Sucia’

Sucia means dirty in Spanish, more broadly however Sucia is slang for one who’s ill-moraled in a sexual nature and has also been used to refer to queers, homos,etc. But, in San Francisco, Sucia means something else: Sucia is the newest queer latinx experience, a daytime party at El Rio with that unique fierceness that latinx music is known for. A place where DJ’s curate sounds that take us back to the roots of tropical and Afro latinx music combined with the deep beats of house and Reggaeton. At Sucia one is expected to give in to every desire, and come get your sweat on, in other words it’s the place to get down and dirty. Sucia is the brain child of four queer latinx folx who shared the same desire for a space that celebrated the beauty and fierceness of queer latinx culture.

Alfredo Del Cid, Luis Liang, Noris Chavarria and Ruben Martinez who are part of the 4SKN Mafia decided to unite forces, using our own individual experience with marketing and branding, organizing and infusing it for our share loved of latinx music we decided to throw our first party in November of 2017.

“We wanted this to be like something SF had never experienced before, come as you are and move to the tropical sounds of the Caribbean and deep reggaeton beats coming out of Latin America. Something we also wanted to be intentional about was to give back to the community, that’s why we decided that part of the money from each party would go to an organization that focuses on intersectional LGBTQ work centering people of color, women and non-binary folk. Since we first started we’ve given out well over $10,000 in donations to various organizations.”

In an era where the political climate is trying to make people go back in the shadows, back in the closest, we believe Sucia is just the right antidote to that. Our July 7th party in themed Tacos Y Paletas. We have a Taco Truck and free paletas for everyone and some surprise drag performances. We also have a party September 15 and November 3rd.


Sucia is a daytime queer latinx party at El Rio, all are welcome.  The next Sucia will be on July 7th from 2pm-8pm.