Steve Grand Takes It Off

The “All American Boy” gets ready to strip and sing for “Broadway Bares San Francisco II”


By Adam Sandel


DSC_3632Steve Grand_backstageSince he skyrocketed to overnight fame in 2014 with the viral video of his gay love song “All American Boy,” those of us with a computer have seen a lot of Steve Grand. Literally. Photos of him modeling the skimpiest of swimsuits suddenly flooded the internet, which might have given a more modest singer-songwriter pause.


“I’ve taken all kinds of photos, including that photo shoot when I was 19 and those photos have followed me everywhere,” he admits during a recent phone interview. “But I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, so it’s fine.”


Grand’s background in baring it will come in handy for his appearance in “Broadway Bares San Francisco II: ManUStript” on Sunday, June 18 at 8:00 at the DNA Lounge. It’s the Richmond/Ermet Aid Foundation’s 2nd annual fundraiser that combines song, dance, and a lot of skin (both male and female).


Joining Grand on stage will be cast members of “Hamilton,” transgender reality TV star Cassandra Cass, and SF’s reigning Empress Mercedez Munro, among many others. Proceeds will benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and REAF.


“It’s a great way for me to give back before things get really crazy with my new album,” says Grand. When asked about its release date, he pauses, then says, “I’m gonna follow Beyonce and just have music appear. I’ve had problems with setting deadlines before and there are lots of moving pieces in releasing an album.”


He does however promise a new song in June from the album, which will drop this year. Then he’ll spend July and August in Provincetown (speedo pix forthcoming) performing at the intimate Art House cabaret. “I’ve never done a gig for this long before, but I’ll be living there and I love Provincetown,” he says. “Everyone comes to be friendly and have fun.”


Although “All American Boy” initially pegged Grand as a country singer, he describes his musical style as pop. “The new top 20 pop stuff pulls from all genres today and I’ve had a lot of different influences,” he says.


They range from the Beatles and the Rolling Stones as a kid, to pop punk music like Fall Out Boy in his early teens. “I was in a jazz band in high school,” he says, “and playing jazz piano takes so much brain power, it’s incredibly technical.”


In his early 20s Grand was all about pop stars like Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen and Elton John, which leads me to the question of which musical idol he’d most like to spend an evening with.


“I’d like to meet Lady Gaga,” he says. “I’ve followed her incredibly closely through all her different phases, and I connect with her in ways I can’t quite explain. She’s quite wounded and I connect with her in that way — there was almost a desperation in her early performances. And it always looks like she’s giving it 110 per cent.”


And she’s not afraid to be naked either.


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