Beatbox Turns 5!


By BeBe Sweetbriar |



beatbox by marques (2)Opening its doors to the public 5 years ago during SF Pride Weekend 2011, Beatbox catapulted to the top of San Francisco’s list of most sought after dance party and event venues rather quickly. And though Beatbox is home to a wide array of gay dance parties, the South of Market space has played host an equally wide array of other events for our community which has helped change the course of gay night life and the community in San Francisco.


“Any venue can host a gay themed event, but having a place to call our own, having a place owned and operated by members of our community that they have a personal relationship with is so special,” points out Beatbox’s co-owner and managing partner Brian Kent. “Whether it’s a dance party, a wedding reception, a fundraiser, a memorial, a birthday, a documentary film, a music video shoot, or pretty much anything else, Beatbox is where we’ve had it; where we’ve shared it; and where we’ve created memories to last a lifetime!”


Many of these memories have been created on the Beatbox dance floor at one of the many gay parties taking up residency at award-winning SF nightlife venue (SF Nitey Awards – Best Gay Dance Club 2013). Promoters such as Jeffrey Sanker (White Party), Locoya Hill (I Just Wanna F*ckin Dance), Gus Bean (Underworld), Matt Bearracuda (Bearracuda) Team Ky & Juan Martinez, Mohammad Vahidy (Nocturnal), Luke Johnstone and Jamie Sanchez (Industry), Jolene Linsangan (U-Haul), Dottie Lux (Red Hots Burlesque) and more have brought their established parties to or specifically created a new party for Beatbox’s versatile space that is known for its amazing production capabilities with high quality sound (the only Danley Sound Labs audio system in the West), lighting and staging.


“We’ve had so many amazing events and celebrations at the venue,” says Kent. “Some of the most exciting things for me personally have been watching events grow from ideas into full blown successful parties. Being a part of that process is nothing short of realizing that anything is possible with hard work and persistence.”


One of the things that promoters appreciate most about working with the owners and staff of Beatbox is the true partnership that is formed in producing an event at the space.


“When we started working together 5 years ago, I was encouraged to try anything that came to mind from having fire spinners to dancers swinging on hoops hanging from the rafters. Nothing was too far-fetched,” elaborates multi-award winning party promoter Locoya Hill. “In fact, the more creative we were, the more supportive they were.”


Experienced in working with Beatbox on several successful parties, promoter Ky Martinez adds that having Beatbox as a venue partner contributes to the success of events “because of their desire to be a ‘working’ partner in any event, and their dedication to keeping Beatbox a venue that caters to mostly gay events.”


Having some of the most talented people grace the Beatbox stage to perform has not only helped solidify its reputation as a top-notched local venue in San Francisco nightlife, but has also helped Beatbox be considered one of the best venues of its kind West of the Mississippi. “There are so many things that go into building a reputation and a brand that people recognize and for which they develop expectations. One being, the quality of production, talent and promoters we have and work with at Beatbox are held to nothing but the highest standards,” proudly states Kent. Some of that high standard is reflected in performances from internationally and nationally recognized talents like Kristine W, Inaya Day, Frenchie Davis, Pam Ann, Debby Holiday, Jason Brock, David Hernandez, Matt Alber and legendary DJs Grammy-winner Dave Aude, Tony Moran, Paulo, Chris Cox, Wayne G, Paul Goodyear, Pagano, Alex Acosta and many more.


But with all of its bar setting standards and fabulousness in abundance, Kent is quick to point out “the most important to me is creating the feeling that (Beatbox) is the gay community’s place to play, experience music, have personal interactions, feel emotions and celebrate in San Francisco. It belongs to them, and creating that has been nothing short of an amazing journey.” If they say home is where you lay your hat, then Beatbox is the only venue that needs a hat check room!


To kick off Pride Month and their BB5 Anniversary/SF Pride Saturday Party with DJs Jack Chang & Paul Goodyear with Dance Music Diva Pepper MaShay and hosts BeBe Sweetbriar, Donna Sachet, and Sister Roma, Beatbox has a lineup of parties and celebrations not to be missed during June:


June 4 – ANTHEM DJs Brian Kent & Paul Goodyear


June 24 – BEARRACUDA PRIDE DJs Paul Goodyear & Ryan Jones

June 25 – CIRCUIT CIRCUS (4AM) DJ Sex Shooters