PULSE: Love Galaxy

PULSE: Love Galaxy

Presidents Weekend | Valentines Day February 14, 2016

Sunsation Sundays 3-6PM | Pulse 6PM- Midnight

Oasis 298 Eleventh Street | Tickets @sfoasis.com



Warp drive to the galaxy of love! The party mavens behind the effervescent rollicking Sunsation Sundays and Powerhouse’s notorious House Party bring you PULSE: Love Galaxy Edition, an interstellar journey taking you from Sunday Funday afternoon cocktails and light speed into an all-night Valentine’s dance party.  Pulse features an interplanetary sound fusing the traditional upbeat anthems of a tea dance with the non-stop high-energy of the prime time circuit. First DJ Steve Fabus starts the afternoon with an upbeat post-brunch mimosas-and-shots mix. Then Pulse’s Resident DJ Philip Grasso fires photon torpedoes of hunty beats to get the walls shaking, the shirts off, and the crowd moving and then finally beatmaster Russ Rich spins the decks off an even deeper underground sound. Producers Ky and Juan Martinez, Cecil Russel, and Mohammad Vahidy first debuted Pulse last Labor Day weekend, packing Oasis with over 700 people from rooftop to lounge to dancefloor, making it one of the city’s biggest tea dances in years – and with their signature diverse slice of the city including the queens, queers, daddies, dandies, jocks, chubs, straights, geeks, freaks, straights, and everybody else – a party that truly captures the spirit of the city. Lighting designer William Brown and video designer Visuals by 3 have set phasors on stunning with a full mind meld of lights, lasers, and video projections to transform Oasis nightclub into an intergalactic space station of love. Nightlife commanders Suzan Revah and Landry Whitted and the rest of the red shirts head up your away team to this alien landscape to keep the drinks flowing [and what else hosts do].  Engage!


“If you are looking for a party that is the true essence of what a gay T-dance party was built on, high-energy music and community, then you will find it in PULSE!”- BeBe Sweetbriar



Ky Martinez, Cecil Russell, Mohammad Vahidy, Juan Martinez


Steve Fabus, Philip Grasso & Russ Rich


Suzan Revah & Landry Whitted


William Brown


Darius & Claudio


Gloss Magazine, XOXO Ent., Yuppie Boy, House Party, Coors Light & Blue Moon