Pink Triangle of Twin Peaks NEEDS VOLUNTEERS!

 Pink Triangle of Twin Peaks



Words by Patrick Carney | Photo courtesy of

The Pink Triangle was originally used to brand suspected homosexuals in Nazi 

concentration camps. It was revived in the 1970s as a symbol of protest against 

homophobia, used in an inverted form as a rallying and protest symbol during the height of the AIDS crisis (Silence=Death), and has been used to symbolize LGBTQ+ Pride ever since. Part of appreciating and celebrating any Pride is understanding where we have been, and the Pink Triangle illustrates how bad things can get.

The Pink Triangle of Twin Peaks is a highly-visible but mute reminder of inhumanity and 

recalls one the darkest chapters in human history.  It is nearly an acre in size and can be seen for 20 miles and is a giant in-your-face educational tool. It’s a WARNING and a REMINDER of what has happened in the past and might happen again if we aren’t vigilant.

We need volunteers to help on these days: 


       Friday June 7:  Display layout and installation of the “pink outline” made of 230 ft long 

sailcloth borders.


       Saturday June 8:  MAIN INSTALLATION from 7AM to 10AM. 200-250 people are needed to install all of the canvases and the 5,000 steel spikes which are 12” long.  Bring a hammer, gloves and wear sunscreen. Fashionable Pink Triangle t-shirts given to all who volunteer. 

Ceremony follows right after the installation.


       Saturday June 8:  COMMEMORATION CEREMONY at 10:30AM with dignitaries including S.F. & State elected officials, Grand Marshals of the SF Pride Parade, lots of Drag Queens and Transgender individuals to address the extreme legislation being passed in some states as well as hatred and discrimination being directed toward them.


       Sunday June 30:  TAKE-DOWN of the display right after the Pride Parade from 4:30PM – 8PM. Pink Triangle t-shirts given to all who volunteer.

The 29th annual Pink Triangle will be up from June 8 – June 30, 2024.      

For more information and to sign up, go to