Words by White Party Global | Photos by Brian To

This is an amazing event held every year in the spring. Gay people love to come to Palm Springs for the wonderful vistas and the weather is truly spectacular. 3 days of DJ’s and recording artists. Dancing is always a big part of this weekend. Music festivals for gay people is something that is always popular. Tickets and wristbands are placed on guests for easy entrance. There are weekend passes available which is a great deal. Purchasing these vip passes is a perfect option for discerning guests who keep coming back to white party global each year.

A Pool Party will be on three separate days at White Party Palm Springs beginning on Friday and Saturday and Sunday. It is located at our Host Hotel. The Hilton is our Host Hotel. Cool drinks will be served to all who want them and there are alcohol and non-alcohol choices for everyone. 

If you only want water we have that as well. Energy drinks are also available. When you enter the pool area you will be treated to an amazing sunny day that only White Party Palm Springs has to offer. White Party Global has been happening for over 30 years and will continue indefinitely.

A World Class experience will transpire for the evening on Friday. This party is called Fluidity. This night is for free expression and is something that will have all our fluid guests dancing the

night away. House Music will be celebrated as well as the Ballroom and Drag Scene and the amazing spectrum of different guests that all want to attend the evening. A first for White Party Palm Springs. Recording Artists will sing and there will be 2 DJ’s spinning the night away. You should get there early for the step and repeat for a picture. Our guests love to have their 

photographs taken. There will be gogo dancers or gogo guys as they are sometimes known. 

Attendees take many selfies and of course group shots to commemorate the weekend spent 

together. We will have a mirror ball overhead and other surprises for everyone that night. Maybe even a new specialty act for all our guests who come for the weekend.

It will be a new time for our guests when they arrive for Saturday nights party which has been named WhiteOut. We are having cool fun FX’s that evening when party-goers come into the Palm Springs convention Center. Showing your wristbands to get in is something that will happen on this night as well. Dressing up in the snow and ice theme will make for a truly special moment for all our guests. Snow and Ice in the Desert is very fun because it is something that is so unusual that seeing this will make your heart full of love for each other while dancing the night away. Imagine a blizzard inside when there is heat coming up from the desert floor for three days and nights.

Sunday will have the large outdoor concert called T Dance. This has been Jeffrey Sanker’s 

signature party and event for 3 decades. An epic music festival for all LGBTQ+ friends and ally’s and starts at 3 in the afternoon. There will be a new theme this year and the name of the TDance this year is Orbit. There are VIP decks for guests and bottle service. We will also offer food if guests are hungry. If guests want a private deck for the day that can be arranged. There will be a photo experience and a video experience. World famous Ferris wheel is always at the T Dance for our guests to ride, plus the amazing Fireworks display syncrhonized to music. Some years there are additional rides depending on what is the trend for outdoor music festivals. Entrance to the party is easy to see as it is across from the entrance for the other events at the convention center.

There is also a final event or “closing party” which will bring the weekend to a close but will be on par with all the other themes that have been chosen for white party weekend. Of course all our guests will come right after the finale is over at TDance. It is called Escape. This journey 

of music will keep guests dancing and celebrating into the night with special guests to be 


Getting to Palm Springs for White Party 2023 is very easy. Guests can fly into Palm Springs 

International Airport. It is also super easy to just drive into Palm Springs. The beautiful 

mountains are everywhere. The airport is on Tahquitz Canyon. Palm Springs Convention Center is on Avenida Caballeros. Across the street from the convention center is the parking lot where the TDance is located. You can take Ubers and Taxis and walk everywhere. Go shopping 

everyday if you want, or why not see some sights before you head out to the parties?

What else is there to say? Come have your mind blown at the ultimate experience know as White Party Palm Springs 2023. Tickets on sale now! Be sure to watch the reels on Social Media including Facebook Instagram TikTok. We have amazing Ambassadors and will also crown a new Queen of the White Party 2023 which is always a great party of Saturday Nights 

festivities. White Party Global. Nobody does it better!