Masterlist: Supporting Bay Area Queer Nightlife During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Nightlife workers are feeling the effects of COVID-19 and the recent shelter in place laws. Luckily there are many people in the community stepping up to help and make sure our favorite nightlife workers are able to eat and pay their bills. We’ve gathered up a bunch of Bay Area resources for anyone looking to donate to their favorite bar employees or nightlife performers.

If you’re able to donate, please check out the links below and see who you can help out. If you’re not able to donate, please share the link to this page to your social media channels in hopes it will reach others who can. Thank you!

Courtesy SF Bay Area Queer Nightlife Fund

SF Bay Area Queer Nightlife Fund:

The SF QNF organizers have set a goal to raise $200,000 to fund 200 grants to low and moderate income workers laid off from nightlife because of COVID-19. As of today, they have raised 48.84% of our goal. You can donate to the fund here or apply for aid here.

Photo by Marques Daniels

Gift cards:

Lookout | 50% of all sales go directly to Lookout staff and 100% of the gift card is yours to redeem. There will even be a special “Recovery” party for everyone that purchases a gift card when the bar reopens.

Oasis | Not exactly a gift card, but the Oasis Indiegogo page has a bunch of perks for those who donate. If you donate you can get things like tickets to shows, VIP passes, and “romantic” dinners.


Beaux | The bar has been posting the Venmo usernames of some of your favorite performers and personalities. Send them a quick tip like you would if you were at one of their fabulous shows.

The Port Bar | In addition to their GoFundMe (see below), your favorite Oakland bar is also posting the Venmo usernames of their amazing bartenders on Instagram so you have a chance to tip them directly.

Photo courtesy Oasis

Online fundraisers:

440 Castro | “All money raised will go to the 440 Castro staff, including barbacks, bartenders, DJs, and doormen.”

The Edge | “If you have ever sang along with us during our gleeful Musical Nights… you can help us by making sure the staff can come back and continue being there for you and providing these amazingly fun events.”

Ginger’s | “We love our clientele, our family on both sides of the bar and what we’ve created down here in the Financial District.  All donations will be evenly distributed to staff members.”

Jolene’s | “Having opened our doors just over a year ago, Jolene’s Bar has become a home to many folx in our community. Jolene’s is more than a bar: we are a family dedicated to creating a safe space for our ENTIRE community.”

Last Call | “If you have a spare dollar or two, it would go a long way in supporting these guys while they prepare for weeks without a job. “

The Mix | “Many of you have already reached out and asked us how you can help. That is the reason we are creating this page – with the only intention of helping our staff with immediate monetary relief.”

Moby Dick | “If you’re missing us as much as we’re missing you, here’s a way to help out your Moby Dick employees. Leave something if you can. We’ll be back soon!”

Oasis | “…We are determined to return as soon as we can!  Fiercer, funnier and more entertaining than ever before.

The Port Bar | “Gives what works for you. These are tough times for all of us. These gratuities will go directly to the The Port Bar staff to be shared equally.”

SF Eagle | “The SF Eagle promises that 100% of the raised funds will go to its dedicated staff. We also promise that the SF Eagle will return bigger and better than ever when this is all over and we can safely reopen.”

The Stud | “The Stud Collective wants to prioritize support for our staff — our bartenders, coat check, security team and amazing janitor — all donations will go directly to them.”

If there is a Bay Area bar, queer space, or streaming event that you don’t see on this list or any information that needs to be updated or corrected, please contact!